TrackManager is a software application for companies with indoor revolving ski slopes to facilitate the management, scheduling and billing of skislopes and appointments. You can try TrackManager by using a demo version. The demo version is  valid for two months by default. Different users can use the same database and license using different login names and passwords. If you purchase a license the trial version can be upgraded to a licensed version. The following guide will help you to install the demo program.


For installing TrackManager you need Internet. Make sure that the PC you want to install TrackManager on is permanently connected to the internet. Automatic updates of the software will be installed over the Internet. Furthermore, TrackManager uses the latest Microsoft software like  DotNet 4.5 and SQL Server 2012.

Since it is not a requirement to run SQL Server on the same computer, installing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is not automated. If this software is not installed on your PC or anywhere else on your network, you need to install this before you install TrackManager. A free version of Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 is downloadable at TrackManager also supports MS SQL 2008 and MS SQL 2008 R2, but this may change without notice.

Depending of the system you use you have the following options:

  • 64bit only engine: ENU\x64\SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe (100MB)
  • 64bit including management: ENU\x64\SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe (700MB)
  • 32bit only engine: ENU\x86\SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe (100MB)
  • 32bit including management: ENU\x86\SQLEXPRWT_x86_ENU.exe (700MB)

We strongly advise you to choose an option including management. The installation is much larger but it will give you the option to manage the database and back-ups yourself. Do you encounter problems? Please contact us. We love to help you with the installation of TrackManager and it's related software.

Choose your Windows version and download TrackManager here: 

For 32bit Windows:  

for 64 bit Windows: 

Please contact us for a demo license: Request

Manual TrackManager

Handleiding TrackManagerClick here to go to the online manual of TrackManager 

  Brochure TrackManager

The latest brochure of our product TrackManager.  In this brochure of 8 pages the options of TrackManager are briefly explained, such as track management, group management, finances, invoicing and reporting.



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 Flyer TrackManager

A small flyer of a tri-fold A4, where our product TrackManager is promoted. You can find this information at our website also.



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