Thicor Services pays the utmost attention to the accuracy of information in this manual. However, errors are not entirely ruled out. Therefor you cannot derive any rights from the articles on this website.

This manual is made based on screenshots of Windows 7. In other operating systems the screenshots might look different. If some steps are not necessary for your PC they will be skipped on your PC. Continue with the step where the screenshot corresponds to the window on your PC.

In this manual are the following standards being used:

  • Titles of windows. Menus and tabs are shown bold
  • Buttons, file names and options are displayed in italics, whereby the button name is in [brackets].

The first step is to determine if your computer uses a 32bit or 64bit Windows version. For instructions, see 1.1 Determine your Windows version.

TrackManager uses SQL Server. You can choose between a stand-alone version of SQL Server on your local PC or an existing or new SQL Server in your network. TrackManager supports SQL Server 2012 (Express), 2008 R2, 2008 and 2005. If SQL Server is not installed on your PC or in your network, you should install it before you install Trackmanager. For instructions, see 1.2 Downloading and Installing SQL Server.